#give1project #glp2017

In March 2017, Give1Project will organize a Global Leadership Program (G.L.P.), a 3-day program in Paris, France. This meeting on Leadership and Entrepreneurship will bring together all members of Give1Project and its ambassadors. Its objective is to generate professional opportunities for young future leaders who want to build a network and develop interpersonal skills. Participants will have the opportunity to meet and interact with political figures of the economic world as well as local entrepreneurs. The vision of the GLP is to bring together figures from around the world, thus creating intercultural bridges and reflections on current major issues. During this meeting, members of Give1Project will follow a program focused on entrepreneurship, civic engagement and political leadership among youth. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in roundtables and workshops organized around the leaders of each strategic sector mentioned above. These exchange circles will allow constructive sharing of experiences between different parties, also to create new connections. There will also be several visits to french institutions to understand local cultural realities to build cultural bridges necessary for challenges resolution in our society.